Doc's Boat

Suzanne is building a 12-foot wooden sailboat in her basement (yes, she will be able to get it out when she is done). The Shellback Dingby  is made of marine plywood, mohogany, Spanish cedar, Sitka spruce and a whole lot of epoxy. Launch date?  Summer 2015? 2016? Who knows!  If you want to see some pictures

More About Our Doc
Mission Trips

In 2014 Dr. Newsome will participate in her 16th foreign medical mission trip.  Jointly sponsored by Knollwood Baptist Church and Admore Baptist Church, a team of 30+-- including physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists and eye team-- will travel to Chiquian, Peru, a remote village high in the Andes.


For years, services in the dental clinic have been restricted to extractions and cleanings.  In 2013,  with the loan of portable dental equipment from The Giving Hand Foundation, the team filled teeth and made partial dentures to replace missing teeth. 


Trips in  past years have been to Bolivia and Mexico. We have conducted dental clinics in abandoned school rooms, church sancturaries and hospital operating rooms.  One year, local authorties shut the dental clinic down; another year we were recognized by the mayor in a public awards ceremony. Our supplies were confiscated at the airport in Leon, Mexico.  In 2014 we will work in collaboration with a Catholic bishop. 


To see picutres of Dr. Newsome's mission trips, click here.



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