So, your child's teeth look "funny"?  Is this just normal development or does she need braces? When is it time to go to the orthodontist? These are decisions we can help you make. Some space maintainers and retainers can be done in our office.  For adults, we can help you decide whether to seek orthodontic care.



FAQ--"My teeth are crooked.  Can you make me a retainer?"  Yes and no.  It depends on why our teeth are crooked.  Frequently, the problem is too many teeth (or teeth are too big) for the stable arch length available.  If we measure all the overlapped teeth in the arch and find out you are 6 mm short of space, a retainer is not going to create that extra space.  Think of a retainer as simply a device that "keeps" or "retains" the current position of the teeth.